Alexandra Karavasili
Injury Prevention

Alexandra Karavasili

Founder and Owner - Medical Doctor "Kinesthesis” Rehabilitation Unit

Alexandra Karavasili is a Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist. She obtained her medical degree at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and her Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) at Bath University, UK.

Her main field of research involve Overload in Football and Overuse Injuries in Footballers Knee. She worked as a Scientific Director in a Rehabilitation Centre for 7 years.

She runs Medical Rehabilitation Unit “Kinesthesis”, Kalamata and serves as a Scientific Associate in Universities of Thessaly and Peloponnese. She is an invited speaker at International Conferences on subjects of Robotic & Technology in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. Dr Karavasili serves as the Doctor of the Hellenic Football Federation-Women’s Team.


"Training Overload and Overuse Injuries in Football: From Prevention to Rehabilitation"


The scope of this presentation is to address the route from Prevention and Recognition of training overload and overuse injuries to Rehabilitation and Safe Return to Play in Football. Multidisciplinary approach, prevention and management strategies are explained and suggested.