Axl Rice

Axl Rice

Nottingham Forest Football Club First Team Analyst

Axl works as a First Team Analyst at Nottingham Forest Football Club. Within his role, he
makes up part of an industry-leading analysis department, headed up by former
Manchester City and Swansea Analyst Steve Rands. In his current role, Axl’s main
responsibility is Set Piece analyst. Carrying out detailed analysis on both his own team
and opposition set-pieces, last season Nottingham Forest was one of the most effective
teams in the division at both attacking and defensive set-pieces.
Axl has attained a Master of Research within Performance Analysis from Nottingham
Trent University, where he completed a dissertation on research carried out within the
club's academy. Axl then went on to head up the academy analysis set up at Nottingham
Forest alongside working with the clubs U23 squad.


"Performance Analysis: Pre-Match to Post-Match”


This presentation will detail the workflow of an industry-leading
performance analysis department at Nottingham Forest. Starting at the
very beginning of a game cycle, pre match process will be explained
demonstrating the opposition analysis that takes place and the
processes used to feed this information into the relevant individuals.
Moving onto a game day, details of the elite in game set up used to
carry out analysis will be presented, making clear how the department
work together to effect behaviours in play. Finally, a look at the post
match process where the most recent game is debriefed alongside
thinking forward to upcoming opposition. Throughout this
presentation, Axl will provide a more in depth look specifically into the
set piece analysis that takes place as this is his main role within the
department. As well as this, details of the communication between
multiple departments during this workflow will be explained,
demonstration how to work efficiently and effectively in a high
pressured environment.