Georgios Kakavas
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Georgios Kakavas

Fysiotek Spine and Sports Lab CEO and Founder

GEORGE KAKAVAS PT OMT ATC MSc.Phdc. is a member and research associate of the ECOSEP. The last 11 years he was a speaker for various sports medicine events around the globe like ISOKINETIC FIFA,ECOSEP,ICOFS,KINESPORT FRANCE,MTN BARCELONA FC and many more. He is a clinician and academic and his special interest is injury prevention strategies in sports and hoe the technology can help to decrease  them.He was a Head Physio and advisor for many clubs and organizations like PANIONIOS FC and XANTHI FC.He has more than 20 publications about Sports and Exercise medicine in prestigious journals.


"Decision making under pressure in football with the help of neuroscience"


In this talk we will look at some of the different ways in which this cognitive and mental training and evaluation tool can help improve decision-making under pressure. The results of training with SPORTS IQ increase the awareness as well as the conditions for the athletes to keep their attention under pressure, allowing them to detect threats much earlier than normal. This can even predict regular situations before they happen (forecast).

Involving similar cognitive skills, but in a more specific way, SPORTS IQ research has shown that training also improves the perception of biological movement - the ability to read body language to predict a player's actions.

This ability involves reading and interpreting many elements of the body at the same time - such as turning the head, tilting the body or orienting the hip and pelvis in relation to the ball and the opponents (scanning). Second, and perhaps most importantly, fatigue burdens the brain by overloading it with sensory noise, it is basically more difficult to focus and concentrate.

Studies show that neuroeducation enhances standard attention-grabbing measures - a mental tool to maintain concentration and focus throughout the game. To date, we train speed, strength, agility but have ignored our brains infinite possibilities that he gives us