Konstantinos Xifaras

Konstantinos Xifaras

Your Soccer University Lecturer – Analyst

Konstantinos Xifaras is Lecturer of Your Soccer University. He studied Computing and Automation. He worked as Analyst (Quality Assurance) in Netcom Inc (clientele: NASA, Motorola, USA Army & Navy, Nokia, General Electric etc) 1996-2007. He is member of the ASQ (American Society for Quality) since 1997. His first attempts on football analysis started on 1998. 12 years later (2010) he completed the software for live analysis and founded the StatsLive. It was the first step for professional analysis on top level (Analysis of the Greek National team on behalf of a Data Provider, World Cup 2014). The cooperation with a Bet company (2015) enriched the width of knowledge on football. The field experience was achieved through his work as Analyst at Panathinaikos FC (2017-2020). He is the publisher of “Mathematical Analysis of a football match”. His method on “Evaluating pro-Football Coaches” were nominated in an International Competition by HYPE. Certified on TQM, ISO9000, Excel, PowerPoint, BICSc, IICRC.


“Analysis as part of the Club’s procedures”


The presentation examines the necessity of the Analysis on the procedures of a football Club. It is based on the cycle of Demming (PDCA) and follows the steps of a Total Quality Management. It covers the followings: How to set target - How to create - strategic plan - How to act - How to evaluate the actions - How to act correctively. It monitors: The Preparation - The Training - The Match - The Scouting. It demonstrates some of the methods and tools of the Analysis by the examination of the 4 types of Analysis (Technically, Tactically, Athletically, Psychically)