Lefteris Kalogirou
Training Methodology

Lefteris Kalogirou

Volos FC – Head Academy Coach / U19 Coach

Lefteris Kalogirou is a Football Coach with UEFA A license.

He is the Head Academy Coach and U19 Head Coach of Volos FC (Greek Super League).

He is an active member of the World Coaches program of the Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) and former Head Elite Youth Development Coach of Hunan Hangsheng FC Academy (China).

During his career he has worked as a head coach and technical director in various amateur clubs, football schools and Academies. He is internationally certified in coaching developmental football and he has published various articles on football coaching content websites. He has also prepared several projects - presentations such as:

- Scouting Program presentation for detecting young football players for professional clubs

- Training methodology in modern football

- Talent scouting program presentation- investment in time

- Relative Age Effect (RAE) in football

- Identification and coaching of football talent

- The basic rondos as youth football player assessment tool

- Possession games -Organization and configuration – general preparation routines

-  Cognitive Tactical Integration Μethodology.

Finally he is the author of Positional Play Game Model book published by sportbook.gr


"Positional Play Game Model"

The subject of the presentation is the Positional Play Game Model

It includes a brief introduction to the broader concept of the Game Model and then thoroughly analyzes the Positional Game Model starting with the historical background, definition and Training Methodology of the model.

The presentation includes the following sections that are practically analyzed in detail:

- Analysis of the 3rd player basic scenario

- Positional Games (coaching – analysis of the fundamental positional games)        3v3+2, 4v4+3

- Simulated Preferential Tactical Situations (SSP)

Target audience:

  • Youth Development coaches
  • Amateur football coaches
  • Professional football coaches