Leonidas Papadakis
Fitness Expert

Leonidas Papadakis

Pafos FC - Head of Performance

Leonidas (holder of 2 MSc & UEFA A licensed) is a Sport scientist, involved in football industry for almost 2 decades. With many articles published in sport journals, with a patented football periodization model and dozens of seminar presentations.#

He won the Championship with 3 different teams in all professional categories and with five different teams achieved to qualify to European competitions.


"Training Load Management: Use of Technology and Utilization of Parameters"

Monitoring of training loads is considered as the first and main reason for achieving a high level of performance in football, as well as reducing the phenomenon of injury events according to the international sports literature. A structured training approach as well as the monitoring of the data that the advanced technological means give us will be analyzed in the middle of this presentation. Methods and ways of analysis will be mentioned with simple and understandable examples as well as approaches depending on the different levels of operation of the Clubs (from the highest to the lowest layers).