Paschalis Tountouris
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Paschalis Tountouris

Pro Sport Founder and CEO

Paschalis Tountouris is the Founder and CEO of Prosport. He has been an international football agent since 2002. Graduate of the American College of Thessaloniki and has a degree in business administration from Middlesex University of London. With great influence in the football industry, he has successfully completed over 350 professional deals in 30 different countries of the world. The football transfers of the Greece National Team captain, Giorgos Karagounis to Fulham and Konstantinos Tsimikas to Liverpool, which is characterized as the most important in the Greek football history, stand out.
He is also a speaker at Sports Law conferences,
about football economics' development model and about the role of agents in professional sports. In parallel with his professional activity, he participated in international organizations against racism under the auspices of FIFA and as a member of the Board at the JAG Foundation of South Africa. His aim was to promote Sports as a catalyst of the social and political unity. Since 2019, he holds the position of Deputy President of EAK Thessaloniki.


"The role of an agent in modern football”