Fernando Santos
Keynote Speaker

Fernando Santos

Legendary Football Coach - Head Coach of Poland National Team


Fernando Santos is one of the most successful coaches in Portugal and Greece both at the level of National teams and football clubs. His name has been written in the history of both countries with golden letters achieving unique achievements.

His vast career has the following peculiarity. In Portugal, he coached all three of the country's big teams Porto, Benfica, and Sporting Lisboa, and won a Portuguese championship, two cups, and a super cup. In Greece, he leaded AEK Athens, Panathinaikos, PAOK and won one Greek cup. His contribution is also great at the national level as the coach of the Greek national team he led it to Euro 2012, managing to make it to the 8 best teams in Europe where he was eliminated from the German national team. His greatest moment as coach of the Greek National team was his unique success in the world cup in 2014, where he managed not only to take the country for the second time in its history to the final round but also to overtake the group stage for the first time in history. In the round of 16 Greek teams was eliminated by Costa Rica on penalties. The next step in his career is taking over the technical leadership of the Portuguese National Team. The greatest success of his career is the trophy for the Euro for the Portugal National team which was the first for Portugal in their history. In the final, they won France one great team that everybody expected to win the title. For the next few years, he continuously participated in major competitions with the National team, and in 2019 he won another title, the first UEFA Nations League ever held. He left on 2022 as the most successful coach of Portugal's National team. Now he is the head coach of the Polish National team.


''How to become a legend''

In this interview, Mr Santos will give the audience insights about his career. He will explain how Difficult is to train historical clubs, the difference between National teams and football clubs, the importance of a good coaching staff and what managerial tools are needed by a coach in order to win titles and influence the game. The interview will be interactive and the audience will have the chance to make questions and speak with him.