Tasos Theos
Talent id / Scouting

Tasos Theos

Greek National Team U19

Tasos Theos is an Uefa Pro Licensed coach and for the last 3 years he has been working In Greek National Team responsible for the ages U17 (2018-2020) and U19 (2021-2022).

Tasos Started his career in Aris FC were he won the Superleague U17 championship. After that success he transferred to Olympiacos FC from 2013 to 2018. He trained the age u15 and won the first championship that organized by Superleague and u17  where he won 2 Superleague championships. In 2018 he worked for 4 months as a first coach at Kerkyra FC in Superleague. After that he moved to Greek National Team where he works until now.


"Working in a National Team"


Tasos Theos will show us how a coach works in a National team, what procedures are followed to select the players of the national teams (talent ID), and how the small national teams follow a way of playing depending on the Men's team. Then a sample of how the National team k17 prepared for the qualifying phase of the Euro will be presented