Vasilis Sambrakos
Data analysis

Vasilis Sambrakos

Journalist, Advisory Board Workearly

Vasilis Sambrakos is a sports journalist with 30 years of experience in the study of football. He is the author of “The Miracle” which was voted as one of the best football books of 2022 in England. He works as a TV commentator and football analyst in all major football events (World Cup, Champions League, Super League) at CosmoteTV platform. He works with the biggest football data analysis platforms. He is a blogger and publishing consultant at and a football content creator in all major social media platforms.

Vasilis is a member of the Advisory Board at Workearly Greece | Sports Analytics School powered by Reatcode Group.


"Football: Α Data - Driven Evolution"

Using the example of his research on the analysis of the performance of the Greek national football team at Euro 2004 and comparing the statistical data of that time with what data science provides to analysts today, Vasilis Sambrakos will talk about the evolution of football over the last 20 years and the influence of the data.

Football Analytics have changed the way coaches, players, managements, team owners think and decide, and created a new ecosystem in the football market. Sambrakos will talk about this new reality, the status quo and the outlook of the further development of the science of football statistical data analysis.